It is with a heavy heart that I write to you about Whole Sol's complete closure, occurring next Friday, 1/19. What has been a completely transformative journey must come to an end.

Due to rising food and labor costs, food supply shortages, landlords evacuating full apartment and office buildings above us, tough economic conditions, and the general nature of the restaurant industry, Whole Sol is no longer a sustainable business. We have spent the last year fighting for the growth and profits we had seen in previous years of the business, but as just a two person (one family) ownership team, the financial burden has become too large for us to bear.

We have always said that our customers and employees are the best part of Whole Sol, and that has remained true until the end. Thank you to those who have provided unwavering support of our small Mom and Pop Business.

Throughout our operation, I am really proud that we never compromised on our promise to provide organic smoothie bols and juices, even when the going got tough. Of course, we could have swapped for cheaper ingredients, but that didn't seem like the right thing to do to our Sol Fam, since it isn't the way we would eat at home.


Alexa and Phil

Are 100% organic.Whole Sol is born out of pure passion. We've poured our heart and sol into designing, curating, and serving a menu that will power you, inspire you, and fuel you every day. And since our deepest passion is wellness, it's our job to whip up beautiful creations that will make you feel unstoppable - like you can do anything - move mountains, blast into space, or just plain KILL IT today.

Our ingredients are 100% organic, whole, and real. Our signature bōls are handcrafted to supercharge your sol. The test is simple: if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we won’t serve it to you.

We aren’t sorta-kinda organic, or "committed to" whenever possible. We just are. We invest time, money, and margins into making it happen. It's our job to ensure you walk out of Whole Sol feeling better than when you walked in, and that starts with using the highest quality, purest ingredients. Our menu is simple, nutritionist-designed, and freaking delicious.

We want you operating at 100%, so we make no excuses. You can lean on us to fuel your busiest days of working, running, swimming, and biking. But we’re also cool to Netflix and chill.
We are 100% transparent.Each bōl is handcrafted in front of you, taking the mystery out of the blend. Our blend bar is center stage at every location, giving you total visibility into how we build your bōl. Every ingredient is carefully selected with intention & purpose, so that our superfoods make you feel supercharged - not super-full or tired.

100% Gluten-Free | 100% Dairy-Free

No BS*. What you see is what you get - we’re honest about ingredients and our process, so you don’t have to worry about what’s in your food.

Our promise to customers is to be true & honest. We showcase our ingredients and demonstrate how bōls are made to educate customers on the benefits of superfoods.
*Bad stuff.
Phil Dumontet
CEO, Co-Founder
Phil Dumontet lives life in the fast lane. His need for speed inspired him to start Dashed fresh out of Boston College. Dashed grew to be one of the largest independent restaurant delivery services in the Northeast, where over 600 drivers zipped from the restaurant to customer in an average of 40 minutes or less. Phil sold Dashed to Grubhub in August 2017 shortly after being named to the Forbes’ 30 Under 30, a list of the most influential young entrepreneurs. He’s contributed to The Washington Post, Business Insider, Fast Company, and Inc. Magazine. His best known article was about how to shower correctly (Google: “Phil’s daily showering trick”), and was the #1 most read article on for two months straight and syndicated to over ten news sources, including The Today Show. When Phil isn’t running Whole Sol, he’s out running the streets of his favorite cities, chasing his next big PR. Phil is an 11-time marathon runner and consistently finishes in the top 20 for his age group.
Alexa Squillaro
Chief Taste Officer, Co-Founder
Alexa has been whipping up recipes in the kitchen for over a decade. She is a Food Master and has the street cred to prove it; she holds a Master of Science in Nutrition from Columbia University. Alexa brings a holistic approach to her position at Whole Sol, after working in both non-profit nutrition education and online food delivery businesses, where she focused in Business Development - aka she’s a hustler. Her fiery approach to business spills into her personal life, where she trains for endurance races. She’s run the NYC and Paris Marathon, a handful of half- marathons, and has recently entered the triathlon space. When she’s not cooking up a new recipe in the Whole Sol Test Kitchen, she’s cuddling at home with her three puppies, or hiking one of the nearby trails.