It is with a heavy heart that I write to you about Whole Sol's complete closure, occurring next Friday, 1/19. What has been a completely transformative journey must come to an end.

Due to rising food and labor costs, food supply shortages, landlords evacuating full apartment and office buildings above us, tough economic conditions, and the general nature of the restaurant industry, Whole Sol is no longer a sustainable business. We have spent the last year fighting for the growth and profits we had seen in previous years of the business, but as just a two person (one family) ownership team, the financial burden has become too large for us to bear.

We have always said that our customers and employees are the best part of Whole Sol, and that has remained true until the end. Thank you to those who have provided unwavering support of our small Mom and Pop Business.

Throughout our operation, I am really proud that we never compromised on our promise to provide organic smoothie bols and juices, even when the going got tough. Of course, we could have swapped for cheaper ingredients, but that didn't seem like the right thing to do to our Sol Fam, since it isn't the way we would eat at home.


Alexa and Phil